Looking for inspiration?  Peruse the images above for guidance.  Or, simply leave the decision with us so you can get on with your day!  

Remember, we choose market-fresh blooms daily to create beauty and send good energy and as much as we love every flower on these pages, occasionally some will be held back from our studio by us or by Mother Nature herself.  On those days, we'll create using choice blooms based on our expertise.  Oh! And do let us know if you have specific preferences or avoidances.

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Same-day delivery for most orders placed by noon, with expedite options if placed later!  Call to order a gift of flowers for someone you love.  Or treat yourself!

Open occasional Sundays befitting special floral holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentines, Passover and Rosh Hashannah.

Away each Canadian long-holiday weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday (unless we're booked for a wedding or event).  And closed for winter holiday between December 24 and January 4.

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Beyond their stylized sculptural beauty, orchids are the classic yet contemporary perfect blossoming plant for home and office. And they thrive on neglect. With minimal natural lighting and a once-a-week watering, you too could look like you live in Architectural Digest.

On occasion, we have seasonal plantings such as amaryllis and daffodils that bring the outdoors in.  Call today to find out more.